Crimes in China

Overall crime rate in china is low, but there is discernable increase in nonviolent and violent crimes throughout country in past few years. Metropolitan areas such as Shanghai , has reported annual increase in certain types of crimes as compared to same period of 2008. Most prevalent type of crime in country remains Petty theft, pickpockets target tourist at the sightseeing destinations, airports, open-air markets with complicity of low-paid security guards.

Accidents of the violence against foreigners such as sexual assaults, stabbings have taken place in the urban areas usually where nightclubs and bars are located. Sometimes, Robberies at knifepoint have also occurred in the western part of China and in Beijing more recently.

Crimes related to Narcotic are also on rise in country, the Americans should be aware that law enforcement agencies of china have little tolerance for the illegal drugs. It is also illegal to exchange the dollar for RMB except at hotels, banks and the official exchange offices. It is due to large volume of currency counterfeit in China , and unofficial exchanges result in losing traveler's money and facing charges possibly of foreign exchange laws. Embassy also receives regular reports of receiving employees fraudulent 50 and 100 RMB note from taxi drivers and ATMs.

Women outside their hotels in tourist districts use prospects of sex or companionship lure foreign men to the isolated locations where accomplices are normally waiting for robbery in compromising situations. The American visitors should carry their passports in china with them and keep out of reach from pickpocketers. Visitors are advised to avoid the use of their credit cards in the area where people are gathered normally, as shopping centers and bus stops, because there is chance of thefts and snatches. Women are advised to not travel alone after dark in taxies or at roads, but in group. Do not leave your important documents as passport and visa out of your reach, or keep it at hotel's security locks.


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